Advantages of buying battery broiler cages

Fully automatic chicken raising equipment is to save labor and use the development of science and technology to drive the chicken industry. So what are the advantages of buying stacked broiler cage equipment?

Automatic stacked broiler cage, the cage adopts the design of automatic chicken bottom net, when the chicken needs to be discharged later, the bottom net part of all equipment can be withdrawn, and the broiler in the cage will fall on the manure belt, and the manure removal belt will be transported , The broiler is transferred to the lateral transfer device at the rear of the chicken house. The lateral transfer device will transfer the broiler to the outside of the chicken house or load the truck according to the actual situation, which greatly saves manpower and labor, and also facilitates the cleaning of the bottom net. At the same time, the spring cage door design makes it easy and convenient for broiler chicks to enter the cage, and it is also very convenient for individual broiler out of the cage and epidemic prevention.


Automatic poultry farming equipment of broilers productions will meet the commercial broiler productions for poultry farmers.

The characteristic of the broiler cage is the vertical 90° bend angle. Effectively improve the verticality of the chicken cage, increase physical elasticity, reduce deformation, and have the characteristics of fatigue resistance and long service life. Compared with the traditional vertical sliding door, the cage door adopts horizontal sliding door, which is sturdy and durable, and has a large space. Effectively reduce the throwing of feed by chickens, save feed, and at the same time reduce the depilation of chicken necks, so that the chickens can maintain good appearance.

The broiler cage equipment reduces the wire diameter and increases the wire density. Through the high-density bottom net design, it is helpful to reduce the slope of the bottom net of the cage, facilitate the smooth entry of eggs into the egg trough, and effectively reduce the fatigue of the chickens. The test can increase the egg production rate. It can reduce the death rate by more than 50%, and can effectively reduce the incidence of various poultry diseases.