Automatic Chicken Waterer System – Nipple Drinking System

The Composition of Nipple Drinking System

In your automatic chicken farm, you need a complete and automatic chicken waterer system to get a high-efficiency for your poultry farm. The nipple drinking system are comprised of water front part, drinking system, hanging system, regulator and water end parts.

The nipple drinkers are the necessary poultry farm chicken supplies which adopt the high quality engineering plastics, and the valve rod inside is made of stainless steel. Thus, the nipple drinkers are always anti-corrosive and have long service life. Then, the double tier sealing structure can effectively avoid water leaking. What’s more, the valve rod can be rotated freely in 360°, which can meet the demands for different birds phase.

Automatic chicken waterer of nipple drinking waterer are the most important chicken supplies.

The Feeding Capacity of Nipple Drinking for Different Poultry

Broiler: 8-12 birds / nipple

Bird in cage: 12 birds / nipple

Turkey: 20 birds / nipple

Duck: 10 birds / nipple

Breeder: 10 birds / nipple

Front Part of The Automatic Chicken Waterer Line

Filter: used to filter impurities in water so that the nipple drinking water system can work effectively and provide enough clean drinking water.

Water meter: record the amount of drinking water every day, you can observe the health status of the flock.

Dosing device: It is forbidden to add drugs with poor solubility in the dosing device. The thick drug must be diluted before use.

After the dosing device completes the medicine, you should clean the medicine barrel and the pipette head, and continue to add fresh water in the medicine barrel. The medicine applicator should continue uninterrupted work and maintains the washing state thus the system of chicken waterer service life would not be reduced.

This is the front part of the drinking lines which is capable of water supply and medicating.

The Suggestions For Manitaining Nipple Drinking System

When the mechanical part of the nipple drinking water system works normally, most teat drinking water systems control the amount of water through the pressure regulator, so we must adjust the water pressure every week according to the poultry farming equipment manufacturer’s recommendation.

  • Keeping the water pressure lower when the chicken is young, this will make it easier for the water to flow to the drinking nipple.
  • The chicken will be able to drink water when it touches the nipple very lightly.
  • With the growth of broilers, water pressure should be continuously increased for the amount of water. If the water pressure of the nipple drinking system can’t well regulated, it will cause the broiler to drink insufficient water or bedding wet.

Different breeds of poultry farm drinking system need different chicken waterer.

The water quality is of vital importance for the whole chicken waterer systems. Thus, Livi Machinery have the ability of providing you the high-tech chicken waterer for your poultry farm drinking system.