Broiler Chicken Farming Equipment for Sale in Commercial Poultry Farming Market

Our company has creatively improved the broiler poultry farming equipment for sale to the most domestic and abroad broiler , increased the height to adapt to large scale broiler commercial poultry farming, and reduced the width to make the cages have better ventilation. Years of practice have proved that the broiler chicken farming equipment for sale in Livi Machinery are very good.

Starting from the original narrow chicken cage, our poultry manufacturer has developed into an advanced broiler battery cage breeding equipment base for most of poultry farms, and also fully meets the needs of various chicken farms.

Place one feed line (with one tray) and two water lines (with 4-8 water dispensers) in each cage. Make sure the chickens eat enough feed and drink enough water. Both the feed line and the water line can be freely adjusted according to the age of the chicken.

Automatic poultry farming equipment of broilers productions will meet the commercial broiler productions for poultry farmers.

The automatic chicken feeder for broilers is transported to the driving hopper at the front end of each column through the feed in the main material of the main material auger, and then the feed is evenly sent to the troughs of each layer through the mobile driving. The supply can be according to the situation.

The design and material of the bottom net is very important for the commercial poultry farming production of broilers. It is strong and flexible. The hygienic bottom net can avoid the formation of chicken thoracic hematoma, reduce the incidence of diseases and reduce the mortality. The square grid can ensure the chicken feces leak out. The accumulation will occur on the bottom net, the bottom net is easy to pull out, easy to clean and the chickens will be automatically output on the conveyor belt.

The cage farming of broilers can really bring you much difference on the broilers farming.

After the cage bottom net is removed, the chicken slides onto the cleaned manure belt conveyor. The chickens are transported to the lateral conveyor belt lifter and transported to the disc outside the chicken house by horizontal conveyor belts.