Necessary Poultry Battery Cage Equipment You Should Buy for Large-scale Chicken Farms

Except for basic planning for the construction of large-scale, specialized poultry rearing houses (fields), poultry equipment also play a good role in commercial poultry farming market.

The large-scale breeding methods are suitable for poultry equipment of farm groups that have more than 4 years experience in laying hens, and have a strong economic foundation. Poultry farmers should have strong technical, managerial, and market awareness. We recommend the scale of breeding to be 1 per chicken coop with more than 10,000 chickens.

Main Cost of Chicken Farming You Should Know

Chicken cages of poultry farming equipment in modern poultry industry would be more convenient and beneficial.

The cost of modern chicken farms is also not limited to the main aspects of chicken house, chicken, feed and medicine. Because chicken farm equipment requirements are relatively high, the chicken house should be at a cost of 400 yuan per square meter. The chicks are generally at 0.6 yuan per animal. If the feed is different, the requirements for chickens vary. This can be consulted with the feed distributor. Thus, our poultry equipment for battery cages system equipped with the poultry feeding system can save your chicken feeds greatly. Poultry waterer and feeder equipment in LIvi Machinery have always being the popular poultry farming supplies among our customers.  

You Can’t Miss The Complete Chicken Farm Equipment

Chicken farming equipment of poultry farming for layers in Livi Machinery would be suitable for large scale poultry farms.

Modern poultry farms with battery chicken layer cages, broiler chicken cages and baby chickens battery cages, as a part of large-scale standardized poultry battery cage breeding, will be conducive to industrialization firstly. The standardized management, and automatic environmental control, and gain regulatory benefits. Practice has proved that because of the high degree of automation poultry battery cage system, chickens can save land and save labor resources.

At the same time, according to the requirements of egg laying production, according to the growth and development of battery cage farming, Livi Machinery poultry manufacturer can provide good chicken battery cage system in your large scale chicken farms with perfect environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, light and ventilation to protect the healthy growth of chickens.