Chicken Supplies

Livi Machinery provides you good poultry farming chicken supplies-the essential chicken accessories. The automatic poultry farming chicken supplies in our industry are most typical equipment suppliers that can make your poultry farming more effective and convenient. The unique design and scientific configuration of chicken supplies can really improve chicken battery cage equipment performance. All automatic chicken supplies equipment in Livi industry have characteristics of high quality, long service life, hygiene and reducing the waste of water and feed, protecting environment and saving costs.

Poultry feeding system make the poultry farming convenient.

Poultry Feeding System

Poultry Feeding System-A Full Automation Feeding Machine Poultry feeding system is Livi Machinery’s automatic feeding ...
H Type 3-tier cage with poultry drinking system is necessary for chickens.

Poultry Drinking System

Poultry Drinking System in Poultry Farming Equipment Automatic poultry drinking system is one of the ...
H type 3-tier layer cages with environmental control system

Environmental Control System

Environmental Control System in Poultry Manufacturers Environmental control system are very useful in poultry battery ...
poultry manure removal system is effective.

Poultry Manure Removal System

Poultry Manure Removal System in Poultry Farming Industry Livi Machinery equipped with the poultry manure ...
poultry management system is easy to operate.

Poultry Management System

Poultry Management System Make the Poultry Farm Automatic With the development of the chicken industry ...


Each detailed part is designed by our R&D team and created by our worker elaborately. And we have already passed the ISO9001 quality control system.Our products has been popular among our clients from different countries like South Africa, America, Nigeria, Russia, India etc. Welcome you to China and visit our factory. We will provide you with best services.