Details of when use layer poultry farming equipment to raise layer

More and more customers use layer poultry farming equipment to raise chickens. What are the precautions in the breeding process? What are the details of using layer poultry farming equipment to raise layers?

Use layer poultry farming equipment

The first is to raise them in stages. According to different stages. Feed different grains. Meet different needs. Early stage of laying. Our egg production rate must reach more than 80%. Nutritional content at this stage. Need to increase with the laying rate of laying hens. In the middle of laying. The egg production rate should be 65%-80%. In the late stage of laying, the laying rate is less than 65%.


The second is to do scientific breeding. And the grasp of feeding frequency. After all, chickens are raised using layer poultry farming equipment. In order to ensure the appetite of the chicken. Feed on time every day. And can’t feed too much at once. Feed the chickens after they are finished. otherwise. Will cause picky eaters of chickens.


In addition. Drink water in time. It’s not just about layer poultry farming equipment. The drinking water system is also very important. If there is no water for a long time. Then the egg production rate  reduced. This is a loss for farmers.


If the flock is without water for 24 hours. Egg production will be reduced by 30%. It takes 25-30 days to return to normal. If the flock is without water for 36 hours. Egg production cannot be restored to its original level. If the flock is without water for more than 36 hours. Some chickens will stop laying eggs. Therefore, sufficient drinking water must be supplied in time.


Finally, when raising chickens. We can give the chicken some sand appropriately. Because the chickens are raised in layer breeding equipment. Very little exercise. In order for the chicken to digest well. This is also a good way. Make chickens grow healthier.


Finally. This is the detail needed to raise layer hens using layer poultry farming equipment. I don’t know if everyone understands it better. Hope that the farmers have healthy chickens. We sincerely hope that our company can establish friendly trade relations with customers all over the world. If there are any problems. Please send an email to


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