Egg Grading and Packing Machine

The egg product grading packing machine can be docked with the central egg collection system or the supporting cleaning egg production line. The eggs are automatically loaded.

Egg grading and packing machine can realize the standard of 8000-10000/per hour.

Technical Parameters

Type number:MT-101-3
Size: 9.2M*6.9M*1.55M (Length*Width*Height)
Power: 5KW
Efficiency: 25000-30000 pieces/hour
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Eight Functions for Egg Grading and Packing Machine

1. The whole row of transmission: eggs through the central egg conveyor belt to the entire table, after the orderly arrangement of the eggs, transported to the next process;

2. Size adjustment: This direction adjustment system can automatically adjust the size of the egg head to the same direction, so that after the egg into the nursery always keep the head up, to ensure the freshness of the egg;

3. Weight classification: After the weighing system weighs each piece of egg, the system will automatically record the weight and quantity to be assigned to different grades of loading channels;

4. Transmission system: The weighed eggs are transported by a separate mechanical arm to the main drive track. From the moment they enter the system, each egg runs independently, avoiding collisions and causing damage;

The detailed process can help your egg packing and grading evenly.

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5. Egg loading care: clip the egg with mechanical arm to reach the designated loading path after the robot arm open, the egg falls into the flexible egg-handling bucket, and then settled to the egg tray;

6. Egg tray delivery: According to the actual use of the scene, egg tray delivery can be divided into two kinds of automatic and manual;

7. Finished product delivery: The loaded egg products are output through the conveyor belt and palletized by manual or automatic palletizing machines;

8.The control system: the whole set of operating parameters and operation, through the touch screen to achieve control, and different levels of eggs for statistics, as well as the detection of the working status of each system;

Features of Egg Grading and Packing Machine

  1. It can dock the central egg collection system or supporting cleaning egg production line;
  2. It can adjust the bulk of upward, which is conducive to egg storage according to the weight of poultry eggs and automatic placement;
  3. You can touch screen operation, and it can be set to different levels of weight up to 6 levels;
  4. It is suitable for 30 paper trays and plastic trays;
  5. It can realize the manual or automatic care.

egg grading and packing machine are helpful for poultry farmers.

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All designs of the Livi egg grading and packing machine are fully adapted to the growing needs of the egg processing industry. We are born according to your needs, our egg processing equipment has a wide range of international markets. Unlike the traditional egg grading machine, it has a common mode system, you can design the right products for your individual circumstances.