Egg Washing and Grading Machine

The Description of the Egg Grading Machine

The structure of the egg grader is made of carbon steel spray profiles, and the speciofic stainless steel special stainless steel chain is used for wrapping in the input box and stainless steel special chain. Accessories for the mold production of engineering plastic parts, professional design, strengthen all parts, rich durability, easy to operate. Mechanical precision weighing grading. Suitable for weight classification of eggs such as fresh eggs, fresh duck eggs, salted duck eggs, preserved eggs, and eggs. The accuracy of weight classification can reach ±0.2. We also have the optional LED light to inspect the damage of eggs.

Egg grader have the most advanced technology available and with superior labour efficiency and low parts usage

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We offer a various range of mechanical and electronical graders which are flexible to be configured to your laying hens eggs needs and demands. The lower capacity graders meet all the needs of battery eggs producers.

Egg grading machine can help you grade eggs effectively.

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 The Process of Egg Grading Operation:

1. Manually place eggs, duck eggs or preserved eggs on double-row conveyor rollers on the delivery box;

2. During the process of double-delivered eggs, the function of the LED light inspection damage can be added to manually remove the unqualified eggs.

3, the conveyor roller will automatically transfer the eggs to the weighing frame for weighing and grading;

4. Eggs that have been graded well will roll from the weighing rack to the corresponding area of the egg collection plate.

5. Manually collect the eggs in the egg collection board into the corresponding egg box or egg tray according to different weights.

The grading equipment in Livi Machinery is characterized by small size, low noise, high precision, stable operation, low energy consumption, beautiful, generous, in line with international operating practices, economical and durable, mold, standardization, humanized design, etc. It is ideal for egg processing companies. select.

The Description of the Egg Washing Machine

Automatic egg washing machines use a relatively wide range of cleaning equipment. (can be used to clean: fresh duck eggs, mud eggs, gray eggs, salt eggs, preserved eggs and other eggs), the machine structure using high-quality stainless steel profiles; accessories for the production of abrasive plastic engineering plastic parts.

Egg washing machine can arrange translucent test egg and spray detergent and warm water automatically.

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The Introduction of Egg Washing Machine

1. The machine is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate, beautiful and practical; conveyor chain, bearings and a variety of spare parts and other supporting the use of 304 stainless steel profiles custom
2. The parts are the engineering plastic parts produced by the mold; professional design, strengthen all parts, rich durability, easy to operate;
3. The whole box water tank is automatically put on the egg, that is, the buoyancy is on the egg, saving manpower, and more efficient;
4. High-quality wear-resistant silk brush brushed shell surface
5. Three-way brush to clean the surface of the eggshell, according to different varieties of eggs will be adjusted to the best brush angle, making the egg 360 ° was cleaned as white as jade.
6. Automatic water tanks to collect eggs, more simple and faster, labor-saving province.
6. Optional LED lighting to inspect damage.

The egg washing machine can gently wash the eggs in a smooth speed.

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The Operating Procedures

  1. Put the entire egg box into the water tank, turning the egg frame, the egg slides down to the egg tank with water buoyancy;
  2. Wear silk brush brushing the egg surface stains;
  3. The cleaned egg will automatically roll into the egg box in the egg tank. The staff will lift the whole egg box and collect it.

Through the automatic sorting, washing, brushing and other processes, the egg surface is strongly cleaned. The features of fast and efficient make it suitable for large-scale egg processing manufacturers.