Farming equipment manufacturers tell you how to raise chickens is the best

Chicken farming is very common. Whether it is a chicken farming project or a small number of farming, how to raise chickens? The farming equipment manufacturer tells you. How to master the knowledge of scientific chicken breeding technology. This can also reduce the risk of raising chickens


The first is scientific chicken raising. For chicken raising projects, the use of breeding equipment is necessary. Moderate breeding scale. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the chicken house should be pre-warmed 1 to 2 days before the chicks. The temperature of the chicken house should be 28℃~30℃ when the chicks are received. After the chickens are put out, the temperature should be slowly raised to the specified temperature.


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When using breeding equipment to raise chickens, prevent diseases in time. Avoid large-scale losses due to diseases. Farmers should vaccinate the chickens in time.


Adding gravel when feeding: During the daily feeding, the farmers can properly feed some gravel to the chickens. This can add the palatability of the feed and the appetite of the chickens. The sand diameter of the chicks can be selected by the farmers About 2-3 millimeters. The diameter of the sand grains in the adult chicken feeding guess can be selected at 4-5 millimeters. Because the digestion of the feed by the chickens depends on the repeated contraction of the musculature in the chickens. Therefore, the farmers must grind the feed to be able to do it. Try to fully digest as much as possible. Generally, 1 to 1.5% of the sand should be added to the feeding guess.

The above is the main point of raising chickens. When we use chicken coops to raise chickens, we must make these points. Only in this way can we raise it well.