Four Key Points of Chicken Cages For Sale Quality Inspection

With the development of modern poultry farming patterns, chicken cages for sale equipment have become an indispensable breeding equipment for chicken farms. Workers can use the chicken cages for raising chickens not only to improve the utilization rate of the chicken house, but also to increase the breeding proficiency.

The households are highly efficient in feeding and managing chickens in chicken farms. Therefore, it is important to purchase good quality poultry farm equipment for sale

Cage mesh for chicken cages will have an important relationships with chickens' health.
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Four key points of quality inspection of chicken cages

  • Solder joint pull test. Farmers can randomly pick several points from the manufacturer’s chicken cage and use the equipment to test the tension. The pull force is related to the growth of the flock and the comfort of the flock in the cage. Therefore, the farmer needs special attention.
  • Wire extension test. The second method is that the farmers can test the wire around the chicken cage mesh. In the semi finishedproduct of the chicken cage, three nets are randomly selected, and then the extension around the mesh is measured with a ruler.

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  • Determination of the thickness of galvanized chicken layer cages for sale. When farmers purchase chicken cage equipment, galvanizing technology is required for every manufacturer to produce chicken cages. In order to strengthen the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of chicken cage equipment, the thickness of the galvanized layer is more important. Farmers can randomly select three bottom nets and three cages from the manufacturer’s coop cages, each of which can measure 3-5 points, whichever is lower than the test data, measured by a magnetic tester.
  • Determination of the amount of deformation resistance. Since chickens farmed by each group of chicken cages have a large number of chickens, the deform abilityof the cage equipment is related to the useful life of the cage equipment, and farmers can adjust the installation of several cage cages to a better state. Then each group of chicken cages were measured three times. Amount, a total of 3 measurements, 15 days after the load was removed to measure the amount of deformation of the bottom net.

You can purchase good quality chicken farm equipment for your poultry farms according to the above points, or if you have any problems, welcome to inquiry us!