How to Buy a High-quality Equipment of Chicken Feed Line?

As for chicken supplies, there is a necessary equipment for chicken supplies – chicken feeding equipment for the floor farming.

The feed line for chicken farm equipment is mainly used for equipment for feeding chickens by farmers. It is a device purchased by the users of the flat-raising breeding system. It can solve the problem that it is difficult for farmers to raise of feeds. How can we choose high-quality poultry feed line equipment in the system of broiler poultry farming equipment?

The poultry feeding line is a feeding equipment for chickens, which is mainly adapted to broilers, commercial chickens, finished chickens and baby chickens. The main parts of the feed line consist of drive units, hoppers, feed pipes, augers, trays, suspension hoists, anti-mosquito devices and level sensors. Its main function is to transfer the material in the hopper to each tray to ensure the consumption of broilers, and the level sensor is used to automatically control the opening and closing of the motor to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.

Chicken feeding lines for poultry supplies is an important equipment for broiler farm.

With a high degree of automation, precise feeding control and other characteristics, the feed tray is generally divided into 16 grids on each feeding line, which can supply a 50-70 chicken normal diet, evenly distributed. It can effectively reduce the work intensity of chicken workers, save the cost of farming, and save time and effort.

Since the price of the poultry feeding line is also relatively transparent, the price of the feed line with similar quality will not be different. However, in order to attract users at low prices, some unscrupulous manufacturers will cut corners on equipment and reduce production costs. The general good trays and drinking water are made of engineering plastics, high strength, bending is not easy to break, and those bad manufacturers use low-cost plastic, the strength does not meet the requirements, seriously affect the service life, resulting in frequent maintenance and time-consuming.

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