In nigeria how to use layers hen equipment of the poultry farm

If the novice farmer wants to start a new farm. Then we must understand the laying hen equipment in Nigeria. And also purchase equipment from professional manufacturers.


You know, automated layer breeding equipment can provide conditions for large-scale chicken breeding. It can help you automate feeding and realize the automation and efficiency of chicken raising. And it can be scientifically adjusted according to the chicken’s development, and the feeding is more reasonable and scientific.


Poultry feeding system make the poultry farming convenient.

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The proper humidity in the chicken house is 61%~71% about ten days old. About 55%~61% of ten days old. The principle of humidity control is not to be too low in the early stage, and to avoid too high in the later stage. The humidity of the laying hen house from the rearing period to the laying period should be controlled at 55%-65%.


The ventilation of the chicken house needs to adjust the temperature, humidity, and air circulation speed. Exhaust harmful gases from the house. At the same time, the belt manure cleaner is used to clean the chicken manure under the chicken coop in time. Keep the air fresh. At the same time, pay attention to observe the chickens to avoid abnormal situations.


poultry battery cage system

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The air circulation speed should be determined according to the breeding situation. Do not always use cold air to blow directly to avoid disturbing the flocks.


In the process of raising chickens. The temperature of the chicken house is one of the important factors. It can affect the health of the entire flock. No matter what kind of chicken, the temperature requirements are very high. The temperature required in different breeding stages of the flock is also different. Chicken farmers should do well in breeding according to this standard. Chicken flocks can grow better. Thereby yielding higher benefits.