Modern Poultry Battery Cages Equipment for Sale

Poultry Equipment of New Battery Farming 

A complete set of poultry farm equipment for sale in poultry farm manufacturers mostly adopt the electrostatic plating spraying process, which is corrosion resistance and the cage service life can up to about 15 years, the high density farming can save more land than the A type chicken cages farming land about 70%. The centralized management of poultry battery cages farm, saving energy and resources, adopting advanced air ventilation systems, lighting systems, and automated control systems to save energy, improve labor productivity, and increase the ratio of eggs collecting.

Poultry farming of battery cage equipment for layer cages would be modern and advanced with multiple tiers and types.

Poultry farms introduce the chicken cages for sale that can save more poultry farms space land, so that the density of chicken farming can reach up to 62 / square meters or more. For more chicken farms, conveyor belt cleaning manure machine also plays an important part in farms, so that the chicken dries into a granular, reduce environmental pollution and chicken manure reuse rate. Ecological/environmental protection is the ideal farming equipment for healthy eggs and environmentally friendly egg products.

The Advantages of Poultry Equipment:

Chicken farm equipment of battery cage in Livi Machinery would be your first choice in your farm.

  1. The process of electroplating spraying makes the cage have strong tensile and comprehensiveresistance; the cage structure is convenient for the breeder to observe the growth of the chicks, and is convenient for grouping and selection; the chicks per unit area are compared with the flat raising. Feeding increased by 50% – 100%;
  2. The trough is equipped with a regulating plate, which can meet the feeding of chicks in different growth stages. The brooding cage has enough places for eating and drinking, and the evenness and health of the chicken are all good. And the pressure regulator can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, each nipple drinker water supply is even, to ensure adequate water supply to the chicks;
  3. Automatic timing of excrement effectively reduces the disease infection rate and mortality of chickens; Chicken cages can be equipped with automatic feeding equipment, automatic water supply system and automatic excrement removal system, to achieve professional and automated equipment.