The Differences Between Cages Farming and Traditional Raising of Broiler Chicken Farming

The First Broiler Farming Mode

Flat broiler chicken farming means that the chicken moves on a plane. Flat raising can be further divided into free-range broiler chicken farming, cage net-flat raising and mixed ground feeding. Traditional broiler chicken farming methods are low-cost, simple-to-transmit factory-style flat-raising. Although the cost of farming broiler chickens is low and the equipment is simple, the range of activities makes it difficult for broilers to manage well. In addition, the excrement in the chicken house can not be cleaned in time, and the situation of serious pollution can easily lead to an outbreak of illness for broiler chickens.

Flat raising broilers in the poultry farm.

The Second Broiler Farming Mode

Broiler cages farming mode means that chickens are housed in wire-welded broiler battery cages. Farming broilers with broiler battery cages has become the most suitable method for broiler chicken farming. The use of broiler cages can save manpower, use area of chicken coops, and increase meat production rate of broilers.According to chicken species and ages, different types of broiler chicken cages are designed by Livi Machicnery, including broiler baby chick cages and broiler cages.

Broilers are farmed in cage system of Livi Machinery.

Our Clients Choose Broiler Cages For The Following Reasons

The broilers are farmed in cages, and the broilers are placed in the cage in a reasonable amount, and the chicken droppings fall into the cage under the mesh. The broiler excrement is processed by a pollution-free way with our poultry manure removal machine. The broiler chicken group has a small range of activity, low energy consumption, and high stocking density, which facilitates the management of meat feeders.

At the same time, although the broiler chicken cage equipment has a large one-time investment, the broiler chicken farming equipment cost is similar to that of the flat chicken raising mode. Although the hard underside of broiler cages causes chicken breast cysts and leg problems, a soft plastic mesh at the bottom solves this problem. In summary, the advantages of broiler cage farming compared with traditional flat-raising methods are obvious.

Broiler cages in Livi Mchinery are equipped with the poultry manure removal system.

Therefore, if you want to have a desirable broilers to farm, you may try the poultry farm equipment for broilers and the related poultry chicken supplies, you can tell us and we will supply you suitable plan for you to build the broiler farm.