The Egg Collection Machine – Egg Collection Process Will Be Easy and Safe

Egg Collection Machine Will Eventually Replace Manual Collecting

The automatic egg collector machine will eventually replace the manual collecting process for many vital reasons. First of all, it depends on the automation level of poultry farming equipment for sale of egg laying chickens cage system. The egg collection system in Livi Machinery poultry manufacture equipment can be operated easily and as the layer chicken cages supplies, it has been recognized the most wonderful machine to collect eggs.

In addition, the time saved speeded up production and real eased poultry workers for other poultry farming jobs. Because collecting eggs by manually are not a good and lasting solutions for poultry farmers that may be not suitable for modern poultry farming enterprise.

The egg collector of chicken farm automation equipment is an important machine to save much of time and bring up lots of convenience.

You Need to be Familiar With This Automatic Egg Collection Machine

Livi Machinery can supply you the automatic egg collection machine to match your large or medium scale poultry farms of poultry farming equipment layers battery. This automatic egg collecting machine including important components, which are the picking up egg plant, exporting device, buffer device, transmission device, sprocket, and the lifting chain to connect in parallel by the claw group down the chain above. The whole components of collection machine can complete the egg collecting process coordinately and low down the rate of egg damage.

Livi Machinery equipped with aitomatic poultry farm equipment of automatic egg  collection machine are popular machines among our clients.

The Features of Egg Collection Machine Are More Than The Following

Good material of collection belt system does not change because of different the temperature and humidity in the house with an anti-static material that does not attract a large amount of external dust during work.

In the process of transporting eggs, the automatic machine can absorbs some ultrasonic waves on the eggshell slowly, which ensures that the eggs are not easily damaged during the picking process and also save a lot of time for poultry farmers.

Your egg laying chicken cages can be equipped with the egg collection machine, which can bring much interests and convenience for you.

With the new chicken farm equipment of the automatic egg collector machine, the job of picking up eggs on large-scale chicken farms has become efficient and orderly. At the same time, it has also effectively guaranteed the quality of eggs and successfully liberated labor for laying hen farmers. It should also be noted that When layer farmers use automatic egg machines, they should pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance in order to extend the life of automatic egg collecting equipment.