The management points of using broiler battery cage to raise chickens

What are the management points of using broiler battery cage to raise chickens? If want to raise a good chicken. Chicken cages and breeding equipment are essential.


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The management points of using broiler battery cage to raise chickens. First of all, ensure that the water line is not leaking. The water supply is normal. Ensure that each chicken cage is well enclosed. To prevent the chicks from getting out of the cage. Indoor lighting should be soft and bright. It can reach all parts. Ensure that the light is adequate and suitable.



Cage mesh for chicken cages will have an important relationships with chickens' health.


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The chickens are kept in chicken coops. Therefore, the temperature of the chicken house must be strictly controlled. Before entering the chicken house, the temperature is about 30℃. After entering the chicks, the room temperature gradually rises to about 33~35℃. Broilers in cages are best raised at the top level. It’s best to feed it every morning. It is better to feed the automatic feeder 3 times a day. Using the trough. Manual feeding should be added evenly. And to feed in time. Prevent chickens from trampling on food due to hunger.


Check whether there are empty troughs every afternoon. Replenish materials in time. The feeding condition of the feeder should be checked by the technician every day. Measures should be taken promptly if there are too many materials left. Analyze and judge possible situations. There are fewer chickens in the cage. Replenishment should be made in time. Whether the nipple lacks water. Whether there are sick chickens in the cage. Individual treatment should be singled out or eliminated in time. Whether the lighting is insufficient. Measures must be taken in time. Make adjustments.


The broiler battery cage must ensure the normal water supply for 24 hours. Check whether the water line is blocked frequently. This is a crucial issue for every chicken farm. Early detection and early maintenance. The humidity during brooding should generally be around 65-70%. After that, the humidity gradually decreased to about 60%. Ventilation is an important part of the breeding process. Keep track of the outside temperature. And adjust the ventilation volume appropriately according to the required temperature


The above is about the management points of using broiler battery cage to raise chickens. Hope to help farmers. If there is a need, you can send us an email.