The management points of using poultry farm equipment

With the continuous development of the breeding industry. Poultry farm equipment is becoming more and more popular. Because it is easier to raise chickens. But because of the use of breeding equipment to raise chickens. The stocking density becomes larger. Then more scientific management is need.


Poultry farm equipment


First, keep the chicken house environment suitable. There are more poultry farm equipment. It is not only necessary to ensure the proper temperature of the chicken house. Also pay attention to proper ventilation. And regularly clean the chicken coop. In this way, germs can be eliminated. Give the chicken a good living environment. In this way, farmers can have better economic benefits.


Secondly. Large-scale breeding farm. Pay more attention to some management. Some systems must be formulated. This can be better managed. For chickens raised in breeding facilities. There are many benefits. Perform their duties. Better feeding. There will be great gains.


layer chickens cages system consists of layer chicken feeding system and layer drinking system.

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Furthermore. For a new batch of chicks. Can enter the poultry farm equipment at the same time. Otherwise, the chicks are entering or exiting in the middle. Raising chickens in this way can effectively cut off the circulating infection of pathogens. It is more conducive to the work of mechanized chicken breeding equipment.

Regular disinfection is the time when every chicken house must be done. Especially with the continuous development of scale now. Conducive to disinfection to kill pathogenic microorganisms. It has become a major means of preventing and controlling diseases. And there are many ways to disinfect.

Different disinfection methods have different effects and pertinence. Therefore, farmers must develop disinfection systems and methods. The actual situation of the chicken farm shall prevail. When disinfecting, try to choose a variety of disinfectants alternately. So as not to develop resistance.

When the flock is sick. Farmers must be careful not to make a diagnosis blindly. You should find a professional veterinarian to guide the medication. Strictly comply with medication standards. In addition, when the farmers use antibiotics for the chickens. Pay attention to the alternating use of multiple antibiotics. It can prevent bacteria from developing resistance.