What are the advantages of using broiler equipment to raise chickens in Nigeria

What are the advantages of using broiler equipment to raise chickens in Nigeria? Presumably this is a problem for many farmers. We all know that large farms use equipment to raise chickens. Because only in this way can profits be maximized


Broiler battery cage

We have to know what broiler equipment is available. Only in this way can I know what I should choose. The first is the broiler cage. We all know that broiler chickens are raised in broiler cages. You can fully use the area of ​​the chicken coop to raise more chickens. Can increase the number of breeding households. And the cage occupies less area. And it can also isolate the chicken from the feces. Improve a better living environment for chickens.


Equipment and facilities in laying hens production.


If the number of chickens exceeds 10,000, use a fully automatic feeder. Because the feeder saves time and effort, the feeding is well-proportioned, and the consumption is low, the battery is used for power supply. And in the chicken house, it has low noise, flexible steering, small turning space and convenient maintenance. And greatly improved the breeding technology.


In the chicken house, the automatic manure cleaner is also very important. After all, manual cleaning is not realistic. We use an automated manure removal machine to easily clean the manure. And it can realize unmanned management, automatic cleaning of manure on time, arbitrary setting of time, temporary cleaning of manure, simple and quick operation, automatic manual and arbitrary conversion. Improve the chicken house environment to reduce the occurrence of diseases.


Water is also very important for chickens. The automatic drinking fountain can realize automatic drinking for the laying and broilers, without the need for farmers to manually feed the water, which is highly efficient. However, good quality products should be selected. This is the responsibility of the chicken coop.The above is about the advantages of using broiler equipment to raise chickens. If farmers need equipment, they can contact us. 24 hours to serve you.