What kind of farmers need poultry cages machines in Nigeria

As we all know,Farmers not familiar with poultry equipment. So What kind of farmers need poultry cages machines in Nigeria?

The first is the indispensable poultry cages. Because this can increase the breeding density. Not only must there be a chicken cage. But also other equipment.

Large chicken farms will choose poultry machines nigeria. More comprehensive equipment  to raise chickens. To improve the efficiency of chicken breeding. The equipment is constantly evolving. Many equipments nowadays can automatically complete some chicken raising work.


Advantages of  poultry machines nigeria


Commonly used chicken breeding equipment in chicken farms . Poultry cages equipment. ventilation equipment. feeding equipment. water supply equipment. manure removal equipment. And egg picking equipment. Their advantages are respectively.


Firstly, chicken cage equipment. The cage method is familiar to chicken farmers now. Many chickens are raised in cages. It is chicken cage equipment to raise chickens. Chicken cage equipment is a multi-layer chicken cage. Can make full use of the chicken coop area. Greatly improve the efficiency of chicken breeding for farmers.


Secondly, feeding equipment. In the past, the feeding was artificially raised. But now they are smarter. So there is an automatic feeder, specifically for feeding cage equipment. Can feed three to five layers of cages. The feeding machine saves time and effort, feeds uniformly, and has less loss. It has the advantages of low noise. convenient operation, flexible steering. small turning space. and convenient maintenance.


baby chicks battery cage can increase the rate of survival

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Other equipment advantages


In addition, water supply equipment. There are many kinds of drinking water equipment. Among them, the nipple drinker is relatively automatic. And can save water and prevent bacterial contamination. Nipple drinker is the most ideal water supply equipment. When the chicken needs water, just move the touch rod. The water flows out. After the chicken has finished drinking, the touch rod seals the waterway, and the water stops flowing out.


Fourth, egg collection equipment.Actually Egg collection equipment is usd in layer farms. Collect eggs produced by laying hens in one place exclusively. Generally a chicken farm with a high degree of mechanization. Conveyor belt is use to automatically collect eggs, which is highly efficient. Reduce labor and increase labor efficiency. Achieve cost saving effect.


At last, manure removal equipment. Because Manure cleaners are widely use in cages. Unmanned management can realized. Automatic timing cleaning, time can be set arbitrarily. The operation is simple and quick. 

Layer battery cage in Livi Machinery are very automated.


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