where to buy battery cage in nigeria

Where to buy battery cage in nigeria? The breeding industry continues to develop. Many customers have also entered this industry. Chicken breeding equipment is a good choice for farmers. Help farmers complete chicken breeding.


Buy a good farming product. There are many benefits to the farm. After all, this is related to the future economy. But the premise is that farmers should regularly maintain and maintain chicken equipment. Only in this way. We can make our equipment. Can work for us for a long time. Improve our work efficiency. So how to maintain and maintain chicken farming equipment?


Battery cage in nigeria


As we all  know. Equipped with chicken raising equipment. Environmental control device for chicken house. To realize the reasonable regulation of temperature and humidity in the chicken house. The control of chicken house temperature by chicken breeding equipment. Should be within a reasonable range. Temperature control of chicken breeding equipment.


The temperature requirements are different in different growth stages of chickens. Chickens that have just emerged from their eggshells need 32 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius. With the increase in age in the future. The temperature gradually decreases. That is, every additional week of age decreases by about 2 degrees Celsius.


Broilers are fed with automatic chicken feeders can increase your work efficiency.

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where to buy battery cage in nigeria? Don’t know how to maintain it after I buy it. To target different devices. Perform different maintenance.


Maintenance of automatic manure cleaner. When we use the chicken defecation machine. The defecation belt of the defecation machine will lengthen and loosen. When this happens. We need to cut off a section of fecal belt and weld it together again.


Maintenance of automatic feeder. When farmers use chicken feeders. Can’t put things on the feeder. It may cause the motor pressure to be too high and burn the motor. When using a feeder. Chains and gears need to be lubricated. Insufficient lubrication will damage our machines. Need regular inspections. The feeder mainly relies on belts to convey feed. Farmers should regularly check the integrity and tightness of the belt.


Egg collector: When using the egg collector, you should learn from the manufacturer how to operate the equipment. If we don’t study hard. The equipment will be damaged.


During the operation of the equipment. It is strictly prohibited to observe the operation status of the equipment personally. And open the related access ports for maintenance. During inspection, repair and maintenance. Make sure to disconnect the main power switch. Otherwise, it may cause serious injury.