Poultry Drinking System

Poultry Drinking System in Poultry Farming Equipment

Automatic poultry drinking system is one of the most essential poultry farming accessory in our poultry farming industry.It has scientific design and convenient operation.Livi Machinery produces a series of automatic poultry drinking system in spirit of “customer first” and “creating high efficiency products”. The poultry drinking system also install with nipple drinker systems in the poultry chicken supplies.

Livi poultry drinking system mainly include the filter, the doser, the pressure regulator, the drinker water cup and automatic depressure tank. Our poultry drinking system are also suitable for various types of chickens, including layers, broilers and baby chicks. Adopted the most advanced technology and excellent design, our products have been widely used in poultry farm industries.

poultry drinking system is necessary for poultry farming equipment industry to provide clean and sufficient water.

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The Detailed Components Introduction in Poultry Drinking System

1. Water pressure regulator can regulate and stabilize the pressure no matter the the pressure is too high or too low.

water pressure regulator can solve the higher and lower water pressure.

2. Poultry nipple drinking machine with water cup can bring more clean and hygienic water for the flocks.

drinking nipples with water cup can reduce labor intensity.

3.Drinking depressure tank is used to regulate and stabilize the pressure, ensuring the proper amount water in the pipe at any given time. And It’s also easy to install and disassemble.

With scientific design and easy operation, the chicken drinking depressure tank can bring more convenience for poultry drinking system.

Advantages of Poultry Drinking System in Livi Industry:

1. A stable and clean water supply: The stable and clean watery source will reduce the risk of disease infection among the flocks.

2. Adopt the advanced nipple drinker with water cup, which can avoid leakage of water and help to save much water.

3. Our chicken drinking system adopt high quality material, thus poultry farming industry can use it for a long time.

4. Optimal supply of medication and additives of the drinking systems for chickens ensures the health of chickens.

5. The drinking system can guarantees the long service life and you don’t have to take too much time to maintain it.

6. It provides the optimal protection against contamination, which are more healthier for chickens’ growth.

7. The poultry drinking system is used to different poultry cage systems.