Poultry Feeding System

Poultry Feeding System-A Full Automation Feeding Machine

Poultry feeding system is Livi Machinery’s automatic feeding machine. Our feeding machine adopt advanced techiniques and automatic operation, which can save a lot of time for poultry farmers. And Livi poultry feeding machine mainly include ladder type feeding machine, gantry feeding machie and manual feeder barrel. Both the feeding machine can transport chickens’ feed through the feed silo. For layer chickens in a large scale farming, they can eat feed by the feed trough that equipped with layer battery cage or baby chick battery cage system. While for broilers, the flocks can eat feed by the chicken cages feeding trough in broiler battery cage system or eat feed by the automatic chicken feeder pan.

Automatic chicken ladder type feeding machine can realize the automatic poultry farming.

automatic poultry feeding system

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Feed Silo in Poultry Farm

Silos in chicken farm are more commonly used for bulk storage of grain and food products in the industry of poultry farm. It is made of corrugated galvanized steel. Feed silo is suitable for large scale and medium-sized poultry farms and it can feed the farming equipment at the discharging port.

Feed silo cxan store bulk of grain material for large scale poultry farm.

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Gantry Feeding Machine

Gantry feeding machine in poultry farm is also a common feeding machine. Compared with ladder type feeding trolley, the gantry feeding machine is suitable for A-type chicken cage and also more cheap than it. The gantry feeding machine in Livi Machinery consists of frame, feeding box, feed sprocket, chain plate, electrical machine and so on. Thus, it can guaranteen feeding evenly and can also realize quantitative and proportional feeding.

Gantry feeding machine can guarantee the even feed in poultry farming.

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Automatic Chicken Feeder Pan

The automatic chicken feeder pan are mostly used for broilers and baby chicks feeding. Automatic chicken feeder pan is made of PE material. The edge of the feeder pan is tilted to the center of it, thus it can avoid the waste caused by the feed spilling. Each of the chicken feeder pan can feed the number of chickens about 14-16 broilers and pullets. The poultry feeding machine is easy to clean and assemble.

Automatic chicken feeder pan are most used for broilers and babay chickens in large scale poultry feeding process.

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Manual feeder barrel

Manual feeder barrel is made of PP materials. The barrel is mostly used for baby chickens and it is easy clean and maintain. Our poultry feeder barrel adopt tower design and the tray and barrel body are nested together respectively.

chicken feeder manual barrel is used for baby chickens in poultry feeding system.

Poultry feeding system in Livi Machinery is a good  poultry equipment system manufacturers and can be trusted by our clients. Only the good quality and features of automation that can make our poultry feeding system in great reputation.