Poultry Management System

Poultry Management System Make the Poultry Farm Automatic

With the development of the chicken industry in the world, on the one hand, scale and mechanization are getting higher and higher and productivity levels are rising. Traditional manual management can no longer meet the needs of large and medium-sized chicken farms. On the other hand, poultry management system in the traditional poultry farming industry has made it possible to systematically integrate the application of chicken production management. As a result, a digital poultry farm monitoring network and information aggregation interaction platform  have emerged. To a large extent, the information in poultry farming production can be acquired and circulated in a timely manner. In turn, the chicken production mode has changed from the traditional logistics management core to the information flow management core.

Poultry management system can realize the full automation of poultry world.

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Poultry farming equipment and poultry equipment supplies can be the automatic management system in the poultry management system. Livi industry will provide this automatic poultry management system for your poultry farm. Livi’s poultry farm management system is an intelligent electrical cabinet system. It is an automated system that is particularly suitable for standard poultry cage systems. The purpose of the electric cabinet is to control the operation process of horizontal exhaust fans, longitudinal exhaust fans, cooling pads, pumps, feed conversion.

Poultry management system can also be controled in the computer.

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Compared with manual operation, the automatic poultry management systems has many advantages such as high efficiency, accuracy, and saving labor costs. It has been widely used in large-scale poultry farming industrial enterprises. However, this technology is less used in relatively small-scale poultry farm enterprises, or  there is no complete automatic poultry management system in the relatively simple poultry farming industry. For example, some chicken farms currently place thermometers or hygrometers inside the house to monitor the temperature and humidity of the house. When the house temperature or humidity is not suitable, manual adjustments are not made to achieve full control of the entire production plant, which would cause inefficient, time-consuming and labor-intensive problems.