Broiler Cages

If you wanted to do business with broilers, decided to grow broilers in cages, you may have a question – where to start? Of course, I advise starting with the battery cages for broilers. Since a comfortable room for broilers is very necessary. In addition, broiler cages are a more economical and convenient way to grow broilers.

Some Battery Cage types for Broilers

Battery cages for broiler chickens are diverse, there are wooden, platy and metal. Wooden and plattic cage equipment are usually used to house broilers at home, and for growing broilers in industrial conditions, most often use metal cage equipment, which are also called battery cage equipment.

Cages for broilers, manufactured by our factory, are made entirely of metal. Our broiler battery cages for keeping broilers are mounted in 3-4 tiers. In the cages there is a system of feeding and drinking. Sometimes artificial lighting lamps are additionally mounted. Shelves in the cages are retractable (this is convenient for catching technology), under the polycom is a manure removal tape.
Our cage for broilers is very convenient for both breeds of flocks. With this content, feeding and caring for the broiler becomes pleasant and fruitful and in such conditions, the bird grows quickly and without loss.

battery broiler cages for sale

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Microclimate System Cages for Broilers

When keeping broilers very much in need of a comfortable home, in which a suitable temperature, sufficient food and water. As for the suitable temperature for keeping broilers, do not worry, we offer you the best option-a microclimate system specially designed for the poultry farm. It includes ventilation, a heater, an evaporative cooling cassette, a monitoring device, and so on.

The climate control system in broiler cage system can give your broilers a comfortable environment.

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Broiler Poultry Manure Removal System

In order to grow in a clean environment, it is necessary to equip the  system of removal equipment for broilers. First, it helps to reduce the labor intensity of the staff; second, it allows reducing the incidence, since many different kinds of viruses and microbes that can cause disease in the bird exist in the litter.

automatic poultry  manure removal

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Poultry Feeding and Watering Systems

Poultry feeding and drinking systems are also necessary for keeping broilers. As we have already said, broilers quickly gain weight, and so they are fed very often. Imagine if, without feeding and drinking systems, staff need to constantly run around the house, take care of the broilers, enough water and feed. Buy automatic feeding and drinking systems, you only need to spend money once, and then it blows you profitably, because the salary for the staff is reduced.

The feeding and drinking system for broilers are the necessity equipment in our industry.

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Advantages of introducing our broiler cage equipment

The introduction of our cellular equipment for broilers helps to reduce the salary for staff. A minimum of personnel to service the process. For the high-quality unloading of broilers from the house, 4-6 people are enough. The volume of production is 3 times higher than that of floor maintenance. And thanks to the design solutions, the useful area of ​​the house has been increased 2 times. And so the profitability rises.

If you want to buy cages for broilers, cages for hen hens, cages for chickens or other equipment for a poultry farm, contact us. You can contact us in many ways, but the fastest is to use the feedback form on this page. We are glad to new clients, and we will definitely sign off soon.