Poultry Manure Removal System

Poultry Manure Removal System in Poultry Farming Industry

Livi Machinery equipped with the poultry manure removal system to increase chickens’ manure utilization. The poultry manure removal system in our poultry battery chicken cage farming equipment manufacturers include the manure removal system with manure belt and the manure removal system with scrapper. Each of manure removal system can match different types of poultry farming battery cage systems.

The poultry manure removal system can equipped with A-type chicken cage and H-type chicken cage system.

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The manure removal system with manure belt are designed for the H-type chicken battery cage system. The manure belt is made of polypropylene and located between each tier. The poultry manure removal system with scrapper composed of driving system, scraper, angle pulley, stroke limitation, control panel, etc. The scraper is manufactured with ultra grade raw material to make it comply with the international quality standards.

Livi equipped with H-type poultry manure removal system.

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Features of Livi Poultry Manure Removal System:

1. The poultry manure removal system can clean poultry manure in all seasons and consumes minimal energy, which can reduce manure disposal costs and can even yield a profit if sold.

2. Manure belts made in Italy with the highest quality and durable.

3. It improves the living condition of chickens and reduces the density of ammonia, which has an active effect on the health of the chickens.

4. With the help of poultry manure removal system, it is possible to heighten 90% manure drying.

5. The scrapper is manufactured in durable and strong stainless steel and hot dip galvanized steel, and the support frame is made of aluminum zinc plate and hot dipped galvanized board.

6. Remove the manure with highest speed and the cleaning percentage is higher than removing manure by people, thus to reduce the disease rate.

Livi manure removal system can remove the manure with highest speed. What’s more,the manure is transported to the upper belt of the manure drying system where a rake spreads it out, forming a fine conditions for layer environment.Via a tunnel that connects with the shed and with the aid of powerful ventilators, the system uses the heat  generated by the birds themselves to dry the layer of manure.  , thus to reduce the disease rate.