Egg Processing Equipment

We have the egg processing equipment for sale and wholesale in our industry. Those equipment are most used for processing eggs for laying hens. If you have a big poultry farm and also breeding large quantity of laying hens, the egg processing equipment are the necessity equipment foe your big poultry farm. The egg processing equipment system mainly include egg washing and grading machine and egg garding and packing machine.

Egg processing equipment are the good products for poultry farming industry.

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The Main Products of Egg Processing Equipment

We have different kinds of egg processing serious equipment. The processing of eggs required cleaning, drying, testing, labeling, preservation, grading and packaging equipment and other series. The Livi company focuses on the research and development, manufacturing and service of egg processing equipment and intelligent breeding facilities. It aims to promote the development of the industry by providing equipment – providing the company with total solutions. It is the founding unit of domestic egg equipment and the leading company in the industry. Welcome friends to negotiate!

Our egg cleaning machine have the best quality.

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Egg processing equipment have many different types for laying hens.

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Some Products for Egg Processing Equipment You Should Know About

The function of the egg washing machine is to mechanically wash the stain on the surface of the egg. Traditional egg cleaning is done by artificial means. However, this method has many disadvantages such as: inefficiency, waste of labor, and failure to meet hygiene standards. These shortcomings have led to a meager profit margin in China’s egg industry, slow development, and inconsistent with the status of China’s world egg production country.

Egg washing machine can give you clean eggs wiyh our care.

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Egg grading machine also known as: (egg weighing grading equipment, egg weighing equipment, egg grading equipment, automatic egg weighing equipment, automatic egg grading equipment): We specializing in the production of egg disinfection equipment, egg light inspection equipment, weighing grading equipment. Weighing and grading equipment – The delivery system feeds eggs into the weighing system. According to the weight of the eggs and the egg weight level set in advance, the robot divides the eggs into different areas. Various specifications of equipment can be adapted to the needs of chicken farms/hatchers of all sizes.

The egg grading and packing machine uses electronic weighing units to weigh sizes grading the eggs into four different user defined sizes/weight classes (eg: S, M, L and XL). Then, most eggs are routed to the connected egg setting (packing) system. Workers can load the eggs onto the conveying and sequence collating belt manually or by vacuum egg lifter (optical). The automatic packing lanes start with a denester and pin conveyor.

Egg grading and packing machine are good quality in our Machinery.

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What are the Main Features of our Egg Processing Machine?

Our main features are low maintenance, strong reliability, easy cleaning, and gentle egg handling. The high degree of reliability our customers have for us stems from our experienced farm engineering and our unique use of high quality materials. We use minimal plastic parts and simple technical solutions to help you maintain your machine without any special tools or knowledge. All machines have passed extensive testing before being shipped to customers around the world, so you can expect reliable and efficient egg processing machines from the first day and many years to come.