Chicken Cages

The Best-Selling Poultry Farming Equipment

Chicken cages in our poultry farming equipment-Chicken Battery Cage Equipment manufacturer have the good repution among our cooperation partners. Our chicken cages mainly contain layer chicken cages, broiler cages and baby chick cages. And each cage have their specific cage dimensions. For example, layer chicken cages and baby chick cages can be divided into A-type and H-type model. And the broiler cages are suitable for H-type battery cages. Livi specializes in producing a whole set of chicken-farming and breeding facilities, with an annual capacity of up to 1 million sets of cages. Customers can choose different poultry cage sizes according to your poultry farming area and cage construction.

chicken cages for baby chicks are the perfect cage equipment.

chicken cages for layers can equipped with egg collection system.

A-Type Chicken Cage for Sale

A-Type Chicken Cages have the structure of stable and durable, and full set of chicken farming cages adopt progressive plating process of electrostatic spraying. Livi Poultry equipment system include automatic poultry feeding, drinking, cleaning, egg collection, centralized management and automatic control system, which can guarantee the energy conservation and work efficiency. A-type chicken cage drawing design give you a perfect design.

H-Type Chicken Cage for Sale

H-type chicken cage model is Livi’s represent farming equipment for broilers.  Livi stacked chicken cages are manufactured with greater height and wire cage partitions, allowing air to flow freely throughout the cages to create the optimal environment for the flocks. H-Type chicken cages can save land, and reduce construction investment and management costs, which are all suitable for enclosed house.

The drawings of tacked chicken cages can show you the whole chicken coop design.

The chicken cages in our industry can meet most of our customers. Our products also equipped with best poultry farming chicken supplies to fulfill the function of poultry farming equipment. We can provide you the detailed chicken farm project according to your actual poultry rearing condition.

Our poultry farming business have spread  to almost all over the world which our chicken cages for sale has been exported to more than 30 countries such as Southeast Asia, South Africa, Philippines, Nigeria and other Central Asian countries. All of the primary components of chicken cages are manufactured in our specialized factory located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.