Environmental Control System

Environmental Control System in Poultry Manufacturers

Environmental control system are very useful in poultry battery cage farming manufacturers. Most importantly, there are many features for environmental control system. With the rapid development of poultry farming industry, there are some unfavorable factors in the production of some poultry industries. On the one hand, it causes environmental pollution. On the other hand, it  occurs frequently in most poultry farming manufacturers. Some poultry markets have a severe lag in poultry disease control, leading to high incidence of high mortality for chickens. Direct and indirect economic losses can amount to hundreds of millions of dollars, so a comprehensive understanding of environmental control factors in poultry health and disease control relationship is very necessary.

Environmental control system is necessary for poultry farming manufacturers.

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Livi Machinery equipped with the environmental control system for the best performance of poultry farming equipment. Our poultry environmental control system consists of the cooling pad and ventilation fan. The environmental control system can be equipped with in layer chicken cages shed, broiler cages shed and baby chick cages shed.

The basic principle of cooling pad in the environmental control system is to change the hot air into cooler air for poultry chickens. The higher the temperature, the lower the relative humidity and the better the cooling effect because evaporation is more likely to occur. The corrugated surface of cellulose paper has a thin water film. When external hot air is sucked through the cooling pad through the exhaust fan, moisture on the water film absorbs heat and evaporates into steam, so cold air will enter the house. The cooling pad is made of specially formulated cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble preservative salt. Even in hot weather, you can provide your chicken with a comfortable house climate. The panel can be mounted on a wall or outside the tunnel/non-hood structure.

Cooling pad in environmental control system is necessity for poultry farming.

Livi ventalition fan is the necessary machine for poultry farming.

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The ventilation fan can ensure the stable climate for poultry farm. It can also guarantee the best fresh air for the flocks, thus chickens living in the chicken coop equipped with vantilation fan would be more healthier than that living without the ventilation fan. What’s more, with the high evaporation efficiency of  ventilation system, the important part of environment control system can be quick and easy to install, thus reduce the production and labor costs.

Livi environmental control system deserve you to take a look for function of ventilation: supply sufficient oxygen, exhaust harmful gases and reduce the concentration of NH3, H2S, CO2 and other harmful gases for the flocks; eliminate excessive quantity of heat, so the temperature was kept relatively discounted appropriate.