Layer Chicken Cages

The main composition of front layer chicken cage net  design generally adopts: a vertical wire and a few transverse wires. The vertical wire gap is between 4.5 and 6.5 CM. Layer chicken cages in our industry contain A-type and H-type. Layer chicken cages in our chicken battery equipment have many features. It is the layer cage system in our machinery that we can develope quickly during those years. 

layer chicken cages are very popular in our clients for their high automation feature.

layer chickens cages system consists of layer chicken feeding system and layer drinking system.

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The Main Features For Layer Chicken Cages

1. Poultry feeding system: The poultry feeding system include feed silo, automatic ladder type feeding system, feed troughs and so on.

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automatic poultry feeding machine save your energy in modern poultry farming industry.

2.Poultry drinking system: The nipple drinking water system is useful, and the nipple drinker core is made of high-quality stainless steel. The water cup is also provided to ensure the chicken dung is dry.

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3. Egg collection system: Adopt the conveyor belts make the eggs safely and steadily sent to the head of the chicken shed. Then sent to the other egg processing equipment to clean and pack.

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The automatic egg collection systems in Livi Machinery can decrease the rate of bregg

4. Poultry manure removal system: Each layer is transported by the longitudinal conveyor belt to the tail end of the chicken excrement. At the same time, the chicken coop is transported horizontally and is transported diagonally to a dedicated transport vehicle.

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chicken manure removal system makes poultry farm more effective and convenient.

5.Cage mesh with galvanized steel: Livi layer chicken cage wire with galvanized steel is anti-corrosive, which prolongs the service life of the laying hens cages and avoids the disease occurrence.

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layer chicken cage with the adavnced metal processing technics.

Our layer chicken cages is easy to maintain and install for our clients. If you have any particular requirements, just to tell us and we will customize suitable layer chicken cages for you. Or if you have any problems, we can solve the problems as soon as possible. Welcome to inquiry us and visit to our poultry equipment.