Poultry chicken layer cage for sale in south africa

For those poultry farmers who want to start rasing chickens, there are many chicken layer cages for sale in south africa. Choosing chicken cages according to different types of chickens. Layers choose layer cage equipment, which can give the chickens a good living environment.

Layer cages are consist of A type and H type. According to the size of your farm,the number of chickens, you can choose the type of layer cage.


The design of the layer cage,provides a comfortable environment for the chickens. Chickens play a better role in the breeding process. The main advantages of the design are the front nets and cage doors. And the density is more reflected in these aspects.



Chicken farming equipment of poultry farming for layers in Livi Machinery would be suitable for large scale poultry farms.

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Using chicken cages to raise chickens has a very high density. Farmers shouldn’t increase chickens .Excessive density affects the activities of chickens, heat dissipation, food and water consumption, etc.


It is necessary strictly follow the density of breeding management. Otherwise it will bring many diseases caused by excessive density. And also lead to poor air quality in the chicken house.


Every day, poultry layer battery cage equipment will be a large amount of manure and residual feed, dust and other garbage in chicken house.


And farmers need to clean up the chicken house in time. Don’t clean up after a lot of accumulation, especially in summer, high temperature and humidity can easily deteriorate these garbage and produce harmful gases. Have an impact on the health of chickens.


Eminder: You can consider using electric lights for other lighting. So this is very important, because additional lighting can increase egg production, and the lighting system is very important to the health of layer chicken.