Automatic Chicken Feeder Makes Your Chicken Farm More Efficiently

Nowadays, in large scale broiler farms, chickens are fed in a automatic way with the poultry equipment of automatic chicken feeder instead of manually. What is special about this kind of chicken feeders for sale?

This automatic chicken feeders for sale is mainly composed of the following three systems, namely the power system, the walking system and the lifting system. The walking part is mainly composed of a part of a transmission shaft, a traveling wheel, a steering wheel. The overall design source of the automatic chicken feeders for sale machine is the car chassis technology, which can truly ensure the smooth walking of the feeder.

Broilers are fed with automatic chicken feeders can increase your work efficiency.
Whole series of automatic poultry feeders have many features to give your farms a lot of benefits.

At the same time, in order to meet the principle of saving electricity for poultry farmers, Livi automatic chicken feeders for sale uses a low-voltage battery as the power source, and the DC motor is used for the feeding work. The machine itself adds a unique shifting mechanism, which truly realizes the scientific conversion of the power. Achieving the goal of large quantity of output, so it is reasonable to use energy.

In the process of broiler breeding, the use of automatic poultry feeding machine for sale, such as broiler breeding equipment, can reduce the working pressure of the farmers, while the lifting part adopts the spiral lifting. Although the whole design is simple, it is undeniable that its practical performance is convenient for maintenance, and work efficiency is also strong, it is worth your chicken farms.