Broiler Farming – Broiler Cage Farming Equipment or Floor Raising ?

The farming mode for broilers that raising broilers in a flat land is a common method used by farmers in the past few years. And farming broilers in the battery cage system is a emerging way of raising chickens in the most poultry farming industry in recent years.

Why Are They Hesitating Between Broiler Farming Types?

Because of the emergence of automatic broiler poultry farming equipment cages, many farmers can not help but be puzzled when choosing broiler breeding equipment. What kind of breeding method should be used to farm broilers? Some farmers will choose broiler battery cage system. What are the reasons for poultry farmers to choose battery cages to raise broilers instead of flat raising broilers?

The most common raising mode for broilers are floor raising farming, which can be energy consumption for breeders.

Reasons Are List in The Following

First of all, the quantitative advantage is very clear. Cage farming mode can breed more than three times flocks in the same chicken house area than the flat raising. So, the density of flat rearing chickens is relatively small. Only if the chicken houses are relatively large, then you may breed more chickens. This type of broiler farming is adopt the automatic broiler farming battery cages system to raise them. Stacked the cages together, it can save the area of chicken house and increase the amount of broiler quantity.

Broilers are raised in poultry farming cages are much healthier than the floor rearing broilers.

Secondly, when raising chickens in a floor raising mode, the chickens can directly contact the ground. Therefore, the feces produced by the chickens are also directly on the ground. It is difficult for farmers to clean them in time. The chickens are easily exposed to feces, and the chance of infection will increase. However, if chickens are raised in broiler farming cages, the feces produced by the flock will fall directly on the manure belt along with the chicken cages. The chickens do not directly contact the excrement. Thus, this cage breeding mode is conducive to disease control.

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In addition, by raising chickens in automatic chicken cages, farmers can completely free their hands because the continuous development of chicken farm equipment for sale has made it possible for many equipment to automatically perform excreta, feed, and collecting eggs, although equipment costs are higher than the cost of floor raising, but the efficiency is high, and the equipment can be used for more than 15 years. On average, the investment for your poultry farm are worthwhile.