Innovative Battery Cage Created By Poultry Farming Equipment Suppliers

Instead Crowded Battery Cage With Innovative One

From 2012, the traditional battery cage feeding method was banned within the European Union. Nowadays,the cages used are the so-called “enhanced” cages, which must ensure that each chicken has an activity area of at least 750 square centimeters.

Livi Machinery adhere to the Internatioal standard, developed and researched the innovative battery cage system for our clients. Battery cages is the breeding cage widely used by farmers in poultry farming equipment industry. Its advantages in breeding are obvious to all poultry farming equipment suppliers.

Chicken cages for battery laying hens are the representatives for poultry farming equipment suppliers.

The battery cage system in automatic poultry farming equipment suppliers is made up of different parts, and these parts are very essential for laying hens and other breeds health. If the lack of any one component, the battery cage system is not qualified chicken equipment.

Battery Chicken Cage Never Be Taken Over in Commercial Poultry Farming

The farming equipment for poultry battery cage system are mainly comprised of layer battery cage, broiler battery cage and baby chick battery cage. Chicken supplies like poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, environmental control system, automatic manure removal system are necessary equipment for your poultry farm.

With the features of special design, simple operation, and suitable for different size of intensive poultry farm mode of the baby chickens, broilers and laying hens, a lot of chicken farmers feel their traditional poultry farming equipment cannot meet needs of their flocks. Thus, choose Livi Machinery’s battery cage farming equipment is the general trend for our clients.

Batter layer cage system can have many tiers to meet your farm needs.

Because we are reliable poultry farming equipment supplier for the recent large and medium-sized poultry farming. Farmers can purchase the automatic machine that can be automatically instead of manual work to reduce the labor of farmers, increase the labor efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of the cost savings.

While in the process of breeding, there are some main points for your battery chicken farming.

First, farmers should ensure that the size of the battery cage is suitable and the quality of it is up to the standard before raising the chicken in your farm. Only if these objective conditions are met, then the flocks may have a suitable growth environment.

Second, battery cages restrict the activity amount of the flock during breeding, and if this continues for a long time, it may cause obesity. In order to avoid this phenomenon, farmers can beat your battery cages or feed chutes to force chickens get excited.

Third, battery cages are the main breeding equipment in the growing process of chickens. Therefore, farmers should ensure that the surface of the battery cages is clean and tidy so as to avoid contaminated chicken feathers or chicken droppings.

In our standard poultry farming manufacturerwe can guarantee your chickens very healthy environment.

Poultry farming equipment of Livi Machinery suppliers can guarantee chickens’ environment and improve market competitiveness, thus a standardized and high efficiency battery cage of poultry farming industry make you successful.