Poultry Farm Equipment Supplier Supply You – Laying Hens Cages for Sale

Poultry farming equipment are designed according to different flock breeds with the features of production process and design type. Laying hen cages for sale are the most important poultry farm equipment for the increasingly popular automatic cage equipment. Poultry farmers can select the layng hens cages in our poultry battery cage farming equiment supplier based on your breeding farm chicken coop.

Our laying hens cages can give you best  commercial egg laying equipment.

What equipment do we have in our layer battery cage system?

There are two kinds of laying hen cages( A-type and H-type laying hen cage equipment). The poultry breeders can choose to use stacked chicken cages if they want to farm more battery hens. If they want to raise them artificially, they can use ladder-type cages.

Both types of poultry farm cages are electrostatic spraying galvanized raw materials that are resistant to corrosion and can last up to 15-20 years. The surface of the cage is smooth to effectively prevent damage to the foot of the flock and improve the survival rate of the laying hens. In addition, the design advantages of the caged chicken cage are mainly manifested in the front net and the cage door, as well as the cage nutrient density and the ability to get out of the egg, which further demonstrates the benefits to the layer chickens.

The Egg Collection Machine Attracts Your Attention

Good egg collecting machine helps layng cages have best efficiency.

The Another important equipment for laying hens cages are the egg collection machine. This is the fast and economical poultry farming equipment chicken supplies to increase your poultry farm efficiency.

Cages for laying hens are new technologies, of course without the system of collecting eggs are incomplete! Let’s see how it works and what is on the poultry farms.

Depending on the size of the chicken coop, the location of the buildings and individual wishes, you can use a wide range of egg processing systems: egg washing and grading machine and egg grading and packing machine.

In the egg collection system, all eggs move simultaneously from all rows and floors. When using lift egg processing, the egg is collected at the same time from all rows of cells.

Laying hen cages for sale of poultry farming equipment can greatly improve the environment for chicken breeding, because we can supply poultry feeding and drinking system, enviroment control system, poultry manure removal system and poultry management system to improve overall health condition of laying hens and your farm condition.