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Broiler Chicken Farming Equipment For Sale

Poultry farmers that farm chicken broilers have to take great pains when selecting poultry farming equipment for broiler products. Choosing broiler chicken farming cages well is equivalent to laying a solid foundation for the success of raising chickens. When you are going to start chicken farms of broiler chickens, the main work for you need to look at the material and size specifications of the broiler products. It is very important to select the proper size of poultry farming euipment for broiler products. Nowadays, the common broiler chicken farming are raised in a stacked cage( also called H-type broiler battery cage), which can save about 50% poultry farming land than the free-range poultry farming. This type of farming can be managed, to the maximum degree, save energy and resources of broiler chicken farming shed, and reduce the incidence of poultry diseases.

Broiler battery cage equipment are auitable for large scale breeding mode.

The broiler chicken farming by farmers is aimed at raising the survival rate and yield of broilers chicken farming so as to improve poultry farm economic benefits. The prerequisite for ensuring the survival rate is to choose a good poultry farming equipment for broiler products. The broiler cages  in Livi poultry farming equipment supplier is a good breeding equipment for the current breeding farm.

The Main Advantages of  Broiler Products and Chicken Farming Equipment:

The hygienic broiler battery cage farming can increase the number of units than cage-free farming.

  • Compared with traditional flat raising, the number of chickens in a unit can increase by 50%-100%.
  • The automatic water supply system can ensure the uniformity and adequacy of broiler drinking water and ensure the healthy growth status of broilers.
  • It can be equipped with a special indoor cooling system(also called environmental control system) that can effectively reduce the indoor temperature and reduce the suffocation caused by high temperature and oxygen.
  • The poultry farming equipment for broiler products is easy to operate and can save labor and can effectively reduce broiler disease and mortality.
  • Broilers in the battery poultry cages can reduce the amount of exercise, accelerate growth, and save feed conversion and are also easy to observe, group and select scouring in an easy management.

The good poultry farming equipment adopts the electrostatic spraying technology that can prolong the service life about 15-20 years.

  • The surface of the broiler cage adopts the electrostatic spraying technology. The smooth surface is free of burrs and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and acid and alkali resistance. Moreover, it is affordable and most farmers can afford it. Therefore, it can provide better service life for 15-20 years and has become the preferred poultry farming equipment for broiler products for most farmers.

Broiler chicken feeder pan in Livi Mchinery are automatic.

Poultry farming equipment for broiler cage also includes automatic poultry feeding system, automatic water supply system and automatic poultry manure removal system, which lead the worldwide poultry farming industry standards, can realize the automation and specialization of broiler cage raising and improve the efficiency of broiler breeding.

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