Commercial Chicken Brooder Cage for Sale in Chicken Farm Equipment

Start A Brooder Farming Business | What Factors Are There In Farming Process?

If you plan to farm poultry, in particular baby chickens, you should consider in advance where these chicken brooder will be kept from the first day of life. It is necessary for brooder chicks to equip poultry farm cages, it is quite possible to provide a warm, dry and clean room for growing chickens.

A brooder cage for chickens is a cage that is specially suitable for the first 6 weeks of chickens. First. For poultry farming equipment, one of the most important criteria that influences choice is economic feasibility. Here it is not only the budget for the purchase of equipment for poultry farming, but also profitability. The owner of a poultry farm hopes, as soon as the brooder for chickens to buy, and in a greater degree it is necessary to take into account profitability.

Poultry farming equipment also contains chicken brooder feedeing system.

If you have already solved this problem, you need to buy a brooder cage for the chickens, then you are thinking: How long will the cage system for the brooder cage equipment? What kind of poultry house will have to be built to install brooders for chickens, and would there be enough space? Or install brooder cage in the existing premises? These questions will be solved later, when you decided what kind of brooder cage for chicks to buy, which suits your requirements.

Structures of Chicken Brooder Cage Composition

Chicken brooder cage generally consist of cages, cage mesh, food troughs, sinks, and manure removal machine. The chicken brooder cage can generally be divided into three parts – electric heating cages, thermal cages, and four groups of sports cages. Livi Machinery are professional chicken farm equipment manufacturer in producing chicken brooder cage equipment such as baby chick battery cage system.

You choose suitable chicken brooder cage type and structures for your poultry farm.

The Dimensions of Chicken Brooder Cage

The chicken brooder cage is generally used for chicks before the age of 140 days old, generally adopts 3-4 tiers of chicken farm equipment.The total length may be determined depending on the size of the chicken coop breeding dimensions, and the height of the cage is 100-150 mm, and the length of each single cage is 700 -1000 mm, cage height 300-400 mm, cage depth 400-500 mm. The mesh of the cage is rectangular or square, the aperture of the bottom net is 12.5 mm, the aperture of the side net and top net is 25 mm, the chicken brooder cage door is set at the front, and the clearance of the cage door is adjustable in the range of 20-35 mm. There are about 30 chicks and the overall width is 1.6-1.7 meters.

Chicken brooder cage also called baby chickens cage system, Livi Machinery have the rich experience in the equipment for baby chicken cage.

Then you will think about brooder chickens accessories that is baby chick drinking and feeding system in your farm. Baby chicks not only need a comfortable and safe dwelling, but also the poultry feeders, nipple drinker, a pallet for littering under the lower mesh. We also supply other chicken farm equipment for your chicken house, in particular the environmental control system of the poultry house, the evaporative cooling cassette, the lighting for the brooder cage house, the manure removal system and so on. All these brooder accessories equipment for the poultry farm will help you increase the profitability of the poultry farm, save your money, feed and time. Welcome for your inquiry and visiting in our chicken farming factory.