The Key Points To Chicken Farm With Modern Poultry Equipment

With the development of poultry farming equipment industry, all kinds of poultry equipment for chicken farm are in fierce competition. Farmers should not only calculate the investment of poultry farming equipment, but also make their effort to increase the production of chicken farm raised in poultry equipment. Let’s take the laying hens farming as an example.

In the all year, spring is the peak season for chicken farm of laying hens to lay eggs. During the peak period of egg production, the rate of it can reach over 80%, and it can be maintained for about 4 months. The longer the peak period of chicken farm, the higher the annual egg production. Therefore, it is necessary to try to prolong the peak period of chicken farm for egg production.

Raising laying hens with our battery hens equipment wiil have a stable quantity for your poultry farming industry than free- range farming.

We advice you to adopt Livi Machinery’s poultry farming battery cage equipment to farm your laying chickens and we also supply you some important chicken farming tips to help you get a successful poultry farming manufacturing.

The development of chicken farm should form two tendencies – One is scale and the other is characteristics. It is generally believed that more than 10,000 layer chickens and more than 100 thousand broilers are slaughtered in order to qualify for large-scale chicken farms, which chicken farms that meeting this standard basically has the following advantages.

The battery eggs can be collected by Livi's automatic egg production system with loe damage rate.

  • The ability to resist potential risks. According to the current market of battery eggs, the profit of 10,000 stocking hens in a year has about 400,000 yuan; and for 100,000 broilers, the annual revenue is also 2-3 million orders. This level of chicken farms with layer battery cage for poultry raising, even if they run into a relatively poor poultry business market, or a relatively large epidemic, they can basically linger past.
  • Standardization chicken farm brought about by the scale: chickens are large-scale, relying on people management is not realistic, chaotic management methods are not fine management. In this case, the standard processes for all kinds of chickens are also sound, and the degree of refinement in immunization, feeding, and medication is even higher, and there are more automation facilities in the house. All of these contribute to the healthy growth of chickens and reduce the risk of raising chickens.

Poultry equipment for laying hens are becoming more and more important trendency for the future farm.

Although many small-csale chicken farms insist that the scale is not necessarily good, this is the general trend for large scale poultry battery cage system development of the industry. The chicken farmers who are not moving closer to this stage may not be able to persist for several years without the farm equipment of standard and automatic poultry farming equipment system.

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