Poultry Cages for Sale in Battery Equipment Manufacturers

Poultry cages for sale equipment is accurately divided into two types. The first type is ladder automation equipment and the other is stacked chicken farm equipment. 80%-90% of chicken farmers are now using ladder-type cages. Most chicken farms do not use automation equipment of poultry farming equipment. They rely on manual operations. 

While the ladder chicken farm equipment are behind the process of modern poultry farm cages equipment, for the design is unreasonable, and can not reach the standard of automation. Livi machinery are concerned to provide you the auto chicken cages for sale that every farmers could know more about your poultry farms.

Poultry battery cages of layer cage system adopt electrostatic spray process.

The Best Reason You Deserve to Buy it

Our poultry farming equipment uses an electrostatic spray process, also known as electrostatic spray, which uses powdered paint to absorb high pressure electrostatic attraction onto a cage, creating a high corrosion resistance between the cage and the paint.

Phosphate film, paint fixed on the surface of the cage is not easy to fall off, and even the 360 degrees of random bending will not fall off, and not be corrosive under the action of strong acid, the life span of poultry cages for sale can reach to 15-20 years, due to features of high voltage electrostatic adsorption, smooth surface appearance, and no burr phenomenon.

Stacked chicken cages for sale with high quality.

Thanks to its smooth surface, it is able to make high-quality branded eggs, making the eggs even more valuable and increasing the brand value of the chicken farm. Therefore, electrostatic spraying technology for chicken cages is one of the best materials for battery cage equipment. 

Another important equipment component is the flat belt poultry manual cleaning machine. The flat belt cleaning machine conveys chicken excrement by a conveyor belt. The biggest problem is flat belt deviation. As long as a deviation occurs, it is basically abolished. It is better to find poultry equipment manufacturers with anti-tracking systems. Conveyor belt type automatic defecation is dry and sanitary, which can save labor, reduce cross-contamination caused by environmental pollution, and effectively prevent diseases.