The Automatic Chicken Farming Equipment of Poultry Feeding Machine

The automatic chicken feeding machine system designed by our company is based on the popular automatic poultry farm equipment for sale design in the market. Its structure is reasonable and the material is strong. It is more practical, saves time and labor, and frees breeders from heavy labor.

Some breeding companies use artificial feeding, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, the efficiency is low, and the feeding is not uniform. At the same time, dust scattering affects human health when feeding.

Feeding chickens by our automatic feeding trolley machine would solve many problems of  time and energy wasting, and increase chickens raising effiency.
Automatic poultry feeding trolley machine
Feeding chickens by manually operated would waste most of time and energy.
Feeding chickens by manual operation

The trolley feeding machine for poultry farming adopts three-phase power supply and is equipped with leakage protection device, which greatly improves the safety of the whole machine. It can run smoothly and feed evenly. It can be adjusted according to customer’s specific requirements, effectively improving work efficiency and reducing feed loss. Ideal for large-scale farming industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the poultry equipment supplies of feeding machine

The even speed and automation features for chicken's farm are necessary equipment in modern poultry farm.

  • The trolley feeding machine for poultry farming consists of a rack, a walking power output system, a walking system, a blanking power system, a material amount adjusting system, and a power distribution system.
  • The rack is welded by high quality steel rectangular steel, with reasonable structure, large bearing capacity, and no structural deformation.
  • The traveling power system is driven by a vertical motor equipped with an advanced cyclonic reducer, which has the advantages of long service life, stable operation and low noise. In addition, the feeding machine can realize the smooth walking, increase contact area, prevent slip, save energy, and keep walking speed about 12 meters per minute.
  • The blanking wheel is a plastic part that is pressed with a special mold to prevent other parts from being damaged after the foreign object is dropped. The adjustment of the feeding wheel can make the feeding amount of the feeders consistent, achieving the purpose of uniform feeding. By adjusting the speed of the variable speed motor, the adjustment range of the amount of material to be dispensed varies between 1.25 Kg and 5.85 Kg/12 meters per minute.

According to the above introduction of chicken feed machine, you can also redesign the poultry feeding machine according to the your needs to meet the different needs of the customer.

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