How to maintain the broiler battery cage system of poultry

How to maintain the broiler battery cage system of poultry? Presumably this is the trouble of every Nigerian farmer. Broiler cages are used in the chicken industry. But one thing to pay attention to when using is to prevent rust. However, environmental problems in chicken cages will directly affect the growth status and production efficiency of chickens. Therefore, the chicken cage factory recommends cleaning and disinfecting the chicken cage.


Most of the broiler cages we use are made of metal. Because it is metal. So it will inevitably rust. If improper maintenance. It will be more corrosive. The chickens are raised indoors. So the chicken can contact the broiler cage at any time. If the chicken skin touches the rusty part, this is not necessarily a good thing. So how to maintain the broiler cage system?


H type 3-tier broiler battery cage is very convenient.


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1. Cleaning of chicken cage equipment and cages: Mainly designed with galvanized mesh. It is not easy to scratch under normal conditions. However, some impurities will adhere during use. Such as chicken feathers, feed and chicken manure. It took a long time. It may scab and harden. So we need to take it out for cleaning. Do not rub with a stiff brush. Soak after washing. Soak the dirt until soft. Then rinse with clean water.


2. Sterilization of chicken cages: Keep broilers in chicken cages at a high density. Therefore, spray disinfection is used. If the disinfection is not clean. Bacteria and viruses will easily remain. This is not conducive to future feeding and disease prevention. Pay attention to the rotation and dosage of disinfectants during disinfection.


The above is a relatively simple cleaning method. In fact, in order to keep the chicken coop equipment tidy. The meticulous maintenance of the equipment is essential. In normal use. We try not to pull, pull and close the door too hard. To reduce the collision of materials. Usually when raising chickens. Do not spread the feed around the chicken coop. Do not soak in liquid. Usually the correct installation method is to use it, which is an effective way to extend the service life of chicken cage equipment.


The maintenance of the broiler battery cage system of poultry determines how long it can be used. Only maintain the equipment. This can be beneficial to the economic benefits of farmers. Zhengzhou Livi provides professional breeding equipment. If interested. You can send us an email. We will provide complete equipment solutions and services.