Farming equipment manufacturers tell you where to buy battery cage for layer

where to buy battery cage for layer? Zhengzhou Livi is a professional breeding equipment company. Chicken battery cage equipment in Livi Machinery has good reputation and reliance on our clients. Our main products include poultry battery cage system(layer battery cage, broiler battery cage and baby chick battery cage). chicken supplies and egg processing equipment.


we all know. The use of fully automatic chicken breeding equipment is to save labor. Use the development of science and technology to drive the chicken industry. So where to buy battery cage for layer? Because the automatic chicken raising equipment includes automatic feeding machine, automatic manure cleaning machine, automatic layer picking, automatic temperature control system, etc. Labor costs are high. Features of automatic chicken breeding equipment.


Where to buy battery cage for layer


Layered farming. The number of layers is optional. Up to 10 stories high. High breeding density per unit space. The breeding output is large. A reasonable multiplication of benefits can be achieved. Automatic feeding and drinking, saving manpower and improving labor productivity. Improve the egg-to-feed ratio. Automatic egg collection, reducing labor costs. High stability. Conveyor type automatic manure removal. Dry and hygienic, saving labor. Manure can be removed multiple times a day. Greatly reduce respiratory diseases in chickens. Laminated automatic chicken raising equipment. You can design and plan according to the size of the chicken house.



H-type battery cage for layers have the automatic feeding machine.


Many farmers do not know where to buy battery cage for layer. Because there are many benefits of using layer cages. Our company has issued a batch of goods for Nigerian customers. First, the customer told us that he wanted to raise 10,000 poultry layers and he wanted to use a fully automated system. But he has funding problems. Therefore, our sales manager provided him with a design with a simple automatic system. He is very satisfied with the configuration, not only can meet his requirements, but also the price is reasonable. We also designed the size of the chicken house for him. We can design a design for customers to raise more chickens in a limited space while ensuring the growth environment and health of the chickens.


The customer did not know where to buy battery cage for layer before. After seeing our products, I decided to buy it. We provide customers with high-quality services and products. The customer is very satisfied.