Buy battery cage in nigeria precautions

Buy battery cage in nigeria precautions. This is very important for farmers. We should pay attention to some advantages. In order to raise chickens later.


A lot of chicken industry. Users are all using caged equipment for breeding. There are many advantages to using cages. Such as: intensive breeding, space saving, easy management, and labor cost saving. Let’s take a look at the advantages of cages in detail below.


Buy battery cage in nigeria


Buy battery cage in nigeria. Cage equipment generally adopts a multi-layer structure. Can fully benefit the chicken coop area. Raise more numbers in a chicken house of the same area. Thereby increasing the economic benefits of farmers in the later period.


Use cage equipment. The chicken will not directly touch the feces. Can greatly reduce the disease caused by fecal infection. Reduce the incidence of diseases. And conducive to feces treatment. Cage breeding can also detect abnormalities in the flock in time. Once the chickens show symptoms of disease. Can be found in time for timely treatment. Can avoid economic losses caused by the spread of diseases.



The use of cage equipment allows the chickens to have enough feeding and drinking places. Ensure that every chicken can get reasonable drinking and eating. The uniformity of the flock is better. Buy battery cage in nigeria. Reduce the labor intensity of farmers. The chicken is in the cage, growing and producing. It is more convenient for farmers to manage chickens. Including the maintenance of the hygienic environment inside the chicken house. The use of cages has not only increased the number of breeding. At the same time, labor intensity is also reduced.


But in the process of breeding. Also pay attention to some issues. In order to achieve better effects of cage breeding. There are some things to pay attention to daily in caged chickens. Stocking density. Use caged equipment. The feeding density is relatively large. The number is relatively large. Farmers cannot blindly place chickens. According to different specifications, sizes and types, a reasonable quantity is allocated. If the stocking density exceeds the number of chicken cages. It will affect growth and development. And there are too many. It will also affect the air quality of the chicken coop and the service life of the chicken coop.


Do a good job of ventilation. The caged chicken house has a higher stocking density than the flat chicken house. The population is large. There are correspondingly more feces and harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. Therefore, farmers must do a good job of ventilation during the breeding process. Discharge harmful gas timely and effectively. Introduce fresh air into the chicken house. Keep the air in the chicken coop fresh and with proper humidity.


A-type battery cage for layers have the automatic feeding machine.

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