Use poultry farming equipment for broilers products to raise chickens

Broiler cages are now a new way of raising broilers. So use poultry farming equipment for broilers products to raise chickens. Many farmers are gradually changing to cage methods. The use of broiler cages is different from the previous methods of raising chickens. Feeding methods and techniques will also change.


Fully automatic broiler cages can be based on feeding needs. Carry out fully automatic feeding. Feed water. Operations such as manure removal. While liberating labor. Can effectively reduce feeding costs. This is why there are so many farmers. Use poultry farming equipment to produce broiler products to raise chickens. The broiler cage is in the process of raising broilers. Although the breeding cycle of broilers is short. However, the main points of breeding and management of farmers in different growth cycles are different. Only according to different growth stages. Feeding management can ensure the growth performance of broilers.


The benefits of use poultry farming equipment for broilers products to raise chickens.

Can greatly increase the stocking density. For example, a four-layer overlapping cage is used. The plane density of the chicken house can reach 100 per square meter. In a traditional broiler house of 12m×100m. Each batch is raised on the ground with 15,000 to 20,000 animals. However, each batch of cages can raise 60,000 to 80,000 animals. That is within the same building area. Feeding volume increased more than 4 times.



H-type battery cage for layers have the automatic feeding machine.

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Male and female groups can be reared. Make full use of the growth characteristics of different genders. Improve feed conversion rate. Increase economic income. Activities are restricted due to cages. Reduce energy consumption. The production cycle of chickens reaching the same weight is shortened by 12%. Feed consumption is reduced by 13%. The chickens are not in contact with feces. Disease reduction. Cage breeding is convenient for mechanized operation. Can improve labor productivity. Significantly reduce labor costs. Conducive to scientific management. Obtain the best economic benefits.

The main disadvantages of use poultry farming equipment for broilers products to raise chickens are:

①The one-time investment in chicken cage equipment is relatively large.

② Chicken drinking water is limited to two nipples, sometimes there is insufficient drinking water.

③ Due to the limitation of the trough, the chickens will be crushed by trampling when vying for feed.

④ Upright three-layer cages, insufficient lighting in the lower layer, affecting growth.

⑤Cage chickens are prone to sudden death syndrome, which affects the survival rate of chickens.

⑥ The incidence of chest and toe diseases is high, and the environment and nutritional conditions are high.