Where to buy broiler battery cage in nigeria

where to buy broiler battery cage in nigeria? Many farmers only raise broilers. And now the farms all use broiler battery cage.


Many novice farmers. Don’t know where to buy broiler cages. Livi Machinery is a company. A company specializing in breeding equipment. The company’s chicken coops are made of Q235 material. This material is made of steel. The overall performance is better, and the strength, plasticity and welding properties are better matche. Large elasticity, not easy to bend. Farmers can choose equipment at ease. We will also provide installation technical services.


Baby chicken cage is good for poultry farmers.

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The advantages of using broiler battery cage are many. Effectively improve the productivity of broiler cage feeding. Can improve land utilization. Reduce feeding costs. Effectively improve labor productivity. High-density breeding saves land. Compared with free-range breeding, it saves about 50% of the land. Improve economic efficiency of broiler cage feeding. Able to centrally manage and save energy and resources. Easy to manage. Facilitate the purification of the chicken house environment. Improve economic efficiency. And fully automated chicken cage cage system. It can realize the automation of egg picking, manure removal and environmental control automation. Form a set of intensive, high-efficiency breeding management model.


Before, customers didn’t know where to buy chicken coops. The Livi Machinery chosen after repeated comparisons. Our equipment adopts. The new type of cage design has a smooth broiler cage mesh. Prevent chicken foot injury and infection. Separation and bottom network encryption. Can effectively prevent chicken fatigue syndrome. New type of cage design. It is more conducive to the growth of chickens. Hot-dip galvanized broiler cage net with long life. The support frame adopts advanced hot-dip galvanizing technology. It is to immerse the derusted steel parts in the molten zinc at about 500℃. The zinc layer is attached to the surface of the steel member. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long life, strong and beautiful.

If you still don’t know where to buy broiler battery cage. Just choose Livi Machinery. High-quality chicken coops are not easy to cause chicken running and damage. High-quality chicken wire is not easy to deform. The solder joints are crack.