What are the types of equipment for raising chickens in chicken houses?

Now it is the mechanical age, no matter what farming, it will be first raised by machinery. Now the chicken factory uses chicken poultry farming cage equipment and chicken equipment to raise chickens, especially the recent chicken industry has developed rapidly, while chickens are raising chickens. More and more, since the breeding equipment can make the work of the chicken farm more efficient, then why not choose chicken cages to raise chickens, Zhengzhou Livi mechanical chicken cage can give farmers more choices, then chicken cages What are the types?


Chicken cages are already the first of the farmers. At the same time, the types of chicken cages can be divided into layer chicken battery cages , broiler cages, brooding cages, the types of chicken cages are selected according to the different chicken breeds of the farmers, and the chicken battery cages are used to raise chickens. It can save land area and increase the number of chickens, so that farmers can manage and raise them more efficiently.


Laying hens cages would be your perfect cage equipment in your poultry farms.


The seasons vary from season to year, so the house requires heating, ventilation, and water supply. These equipments ensure that the chicken farm can operate normally when the weather is cold or hot, and the chicken can grow healthily, especially if the chicken is not. Animals of the sweat gland should be ventilated in the summer, so that the air and temperature of the house are in a proper state. In winter, it is necessary to keep warm. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the timely release of ammonia in the house to avoid causing chicken. Ill, water is the most important substance, so drinking equipment is essential. Drinking water nipples can be purchased in the chicken farm for water supply. There is no need for manual feeding, and the efficiency is improved. But pay attention to buy good quality drinking equipment, do not leak water, cause chicken. get cold.


Most farmers use automated feeders to feed chickens. Our feeders have the following advantages:

1 Mechanical transmission device running smoothly ,low noise ,long service life

2 .The feeding process all the use of automated control ,it can adjust the amount of materials .It prevents the waste of feed .

3 .Feed car with arched structure ,high carrying capacity ,compression eformation small

4 .Saving manpower ,saving feed ,greatly improving the efficiency of large-scale farming

Large-scale chicken farms are equipped with egg-collecting equipment. After all, the chicken houses use conveyor belts to gather eggs, which is not only efficient, but also reduces labor, and it will achieve cost-saving effects.